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All about my Baby

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Events after events from the moment you have found out you are pregnant. This can seem such a handful and even daunting to some however we at Vijay’s Events do the décor for you. So, you can relax and just smile for the cameras. We aim to make each and every event unforgettable and memorable for a lifetime.

Whether you want to leave the events in our hands, or you want to add your own touches we are here to support you. We thrive in bringing you a bespoke and customisable décor no matter what the scale of your event. Please speak to our events consultants to see how we can help you. NOTE: Prices vary depending on how big or small you want to do your event plus type of décor, location, what’s provided and how much service is required from us. We can go crazy for you so why not let us know your budget so we can ensure we don’t break the bank account.

Here are the few events to think about when expecting:

Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties are typically planned mid-pregnancy around 20 weeks. During your midwife’s visit you can usually detect the baby’s gender. The gender of the baby is kept secret throughout the planning process so this can be hosted by anyone. Ask the mid-wife to write the gender on a paper and let the host plan the party telling only those that need to know!! This is a fun way to reveal the gender to your close family and friends.

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is a ceremony and celebration held by Hindu, Muslim and Christian women meant to bless a pregnant woman, celebrate her fertility, and ensure a safe birth. It is hosted by the pregnant woman’s family during the third trimester of the pregnancy in husband’s birth or lived place on 7th month specially.

Baby Shower

is a party of gift-giving or a ceremony that has different names in different cultures. It celebrates the delivery or expected birth of a child or the transformation of a woman into a mother.

Teething Ceremony

(‘Kozhukkattai’ in Tamil) should be done when the child’s first tooth begins to appear. During the ceremony, the child is sat inside an arasi muram(a rattan sieve used to shift rice grains) with a white cloth placed on his head. The kozhukattai is then dropped over the child’s head. While preparing the kozhukattai, a coin would have been placed in one of the many kozhukattai. The child is expected to pick up the kozhukattai with the coin inside it, but whatever the child picks up; everyone will cheer as the child slowly nibbles on the sweet kozhukattai with his brand new teeth.”

Sip & See

It is a small party or “open house” where your friends and family can come over to meet (or “see”) your new baby while sipping on a few refreshments. What a way to meet your new-born in style.

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